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Carrying Case

Case Color

Lost your carrying case? No worries, you can pick up a new one right here. Choose from three different case colors and two different sizes. EarPeace anodized aluminum carrying case with durable carabiner clip is a surefire way to make sure that you have your EarPeace when you need it most. Clip it to your keychain so that you always have EarPeace with you, especially when it gets loud!

  • EarPeace HD comes with two sets of filters:

    • Skin tone filters are Medium Protection and lower the sound pressure by -11dB (30% more than original EarPeace).
    • Red filters are High Protection and lower the sound pressure by -14dB (130% more than the original EarPeace).

    Remember that every 3dB increase is a doubling of sound pressure. The way that 'volume' increases is not linear. Even small increases are very tough on the delicate parts of your inner ear that pick up high frequencies and enable you to have a rich sound experience. A -3dB reduction may not feel like a big difference but it halves the amount of time you can safely listen to that level of sound. More information on Noise Induce Hearing Loss (NIHL) here.

    Also, please see the Performance Tab above for a full description of performance.

    The best earplugs for loud entertainment. Guaranteed.

    Live music, nightclubs, bars, even the movies are loud. Even uncomfortably loud. No more! EarPeace turns down the volume without distorting the sound. The sound is clear and crisp. EarPeace is very comfortable and virtually invisible. EarPeace are the best earplugs for your entertainment experience.

    What: A sleek aluminum carrying case with three EarPeace earplugs. The earplugs are made of soft, strong, hypoallergenic silicone. They are reusable. Comfortable, discrete and the multiple skin tones make it personal. The durable carabiner will keep the cool case securely clipped to your go bag.

    Why: It's too loud! Maybe you use foam earplugs right now. They are LoFi. grab EarPeace and go HiFi. As mono is to foam earplugs, stereo is to EarPeace. The music will be crisp and clear. You will even be able to have conversations with your friends.

    How: EarPeace is engineered to deliver the superior sound-quality and ultra low profile of custom earplugs, at a fraction of the cost. The attenuation filters allow a small, precise amount of unobstructed sound to enter the ear. You get great sound at a lower volume and the background noise is filtered out.

    Where: Concerts, nightclubs, bars, parties, car races, arena games, the movies, and anywhere you need to protect your ears while still having a great time.

    Who: Anyone who wants to hear clearly and leave a loud event without their ears ringing will love EarPeace. Also perfect for DJs, musicians, bartenders, and bouncers.

    We built the best earplugs because you need them.

    The world is loud and getting louder. You probably live through honking and traffic, screeching subways, construction, fire engine sirens, and loud radios before you even get to work. We are all steadily being desensitized to how noisy our environments are. Layer extremely loud events like a music concert onto that and you are at real risk of noise induced hearing loss and / or tinnitus. We are singularly committed to your hearing health.

    We are also singularly committed to your good time. Whether you want to keep going to see your favorite speed metal band, singing in the choir, dancing all night, or going to see the latest action film – we have you covered. EarPeace earplugs are the best earplugs for your good time. EarPeace will improve your entertainment experience:

    • Hear all the high notes and your friend speaking to you while the music roars. Then leave without your ears ringing.
    • Comfortably wear EarPeace all night without them falling out of your ears.
    • Relax, no one knows you are wearing earplugs. They are the color of your skin and disappear in your ear.
    • The patented 'tab feature' of the earplugs allows you to easily insert the plug to the point where it 'disappears' and then remove the plug from the ear.
    • The durable carabiner will keep the cool case clipped to your key chain, gym bag or purse.

    Pick up a pair of EarPeace and control the volume. Now get out there!

  • Performance & Test Results

    The Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is the Federally required measurement of noise reduction provided. All EarPeace products are tested at the foremost audio testing facility in the country. The NRR is an average, single digit representation of performance for all users. It does not represent attenuation at different frequencies, meaning that most users will experience more protection than the stated NRR. See SNR data below for protection (attenuation) by frequency.

    The NRR testing method is comprehensive and employs live subjects to test earplug performance. EarPeace was tested at Michael Associates - the same lab out of Penn State that worked with the Federal government to establish the NRR testing protocol. We designed EarPeace to be the best earplugs for concerts, nightclubs, and other environments where you want to hear clearly. We also designed them to be highly effective at protecting your hearing. There are several key features that enable EarPeace to deliver such high quality sound and still protect your hearing.

    • The attenuation filter (the plastic mechanism inside of the silicone earplug) is engineered to allow a precise amount of unobstructed sound into the ear. This delivers clear sound, just at a lower volume.

    • EarPeace is made out of safe, strong, hypoallergenic silicone. It’s also very soft. This combination of soft and strong enables the silicone to fit snugly in nearly anyone’s ear and form a tight seal.

    • The patented ‘tab feature’ enables you to safely grasp the earplug and insert it deep into the ear canal, AND, remove it easily and safely.

  • Please follow these instructions carefully:

    The most important aspect of wearing EarPeace earplugs properly is to position the tab so you can easily and safely insert and remove the plug. Here’s how:

    • Pinch silicone pull-tab between index finger and thumb as illustrated, making sure the tab is on top.
    • It is critical to pinch and hold the pull-tab as you insert the plug. This will position the pull-tab so that you can easily remove the plug from your ear.
    • Reach over head with opposite hand and gently pull up and back on outer ear - this straightens the ear canal. Insert the earplug until comfortably snug, using your thumb to gently apply pressure against the plastic filer and guide the plug. Wiggling the plug back and forth a little will help.
      • DO NOT release the tab until you have successfully positioned the plug in ear
      • DO NOT push the plug further into ear after releasing the tab.
    • Pulling up on the ear straightens the ear canal and is necessary to a proper fit. Without this step EarPeace earplugs will not provide maximum protection.
    • Be gentle and do not over-insert.
    • Clean after use with damp cloth and re-use.

    How do you know they are on correctly?

    Everyone’s ears are a little different and it will take some practice putting EarPeace on and taking it off to get it just right. We encourage you to try them on before going out and getting comfortable with how they feel.

    • EarPeace are designed to fit snugly in your ear and virtually disappear. With a little practice, you’ll feel the point at which EarPeace are snug and comfortable.
    • It's safe to insert them deep in the ear canal, but only when following the directions carefully and positioning the pull-tab properly so you can get them out.
    • DO NOT over insert EarPeace and not push the earplugs further into the ear canal after releasing the pull-tab.


    EarPeace is easy to clean and maintain.  Wipe the earplugs off with a damp cloth (e.g. wash cloth) each time you wear them.  Keep them stored in the aluminum case.  If they become particularly dirty you can wash them in warm soapy water - however - remove the plastic attenuation filter before submerging the plug in water.  Reinsert the filter only after the plug has dried thoroughly.  The earplugs should be replaced at any sign of wear and tear.


    EarPeace earplugs are designed to provide comfortable, discrete hearing protection for situations like live music, nightclubs, sports arenas, the movies and more.  However, the effectiveness of EarPeace earplugs depends on the circumstances of use and will also vary depending on factors such as the size of the user’s ear canal.  Please do not use EarPeace if you are going to be in situations that require a greater degree of protection than EarPeace can afford.  Please do not use EarPeace if you feel like your ears simply won’t accommodate a good fit.  EarPeace is not intended to be used in situations where there is intense impulse noise such as with firearms or heavy machinery like jack hammers.  Noise induced hearing damage is a factor of exposure time and decibel level.  Depending on the decibel level, hearing damage may occur even if EarPeace earplugs are used correctly.  If you can not remove the earplug or it has damaged the ear, please seek immediate assistance of an ENT physician.

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